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Gold Butler Sanchi

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Sanchi assembles the luminaires. (Photo/Chales)


On September 16, the construction of the Kuwait GC-32 project of SINOPEC Tenth Construction Company was under way. The sun was shining over the construction site, and the barren yellow sand made people feel anxious. Sanchi was as busy as usual to direct construction, count workload, and handle work tickets...

He has always been a “big butler”.


www.c168.co_【官方首页】-新葡京娱乐场  他一直是一副“大管家”的样子。


Sanchi is from India. He joined the Kuwait GC-32 project in December last year.  

When Sanchi first arrived at the project, he became the squad leader. He is a responsible man who has good professional skills, and always lead by example. Although there were 13 people from different countries in the team, they all supported Sanchi’s work.




The weather in Kuwait was burning hot. In order to escape summer heat, the project department carried out night construction from June to August. Part of the lighting conditions at the construction site at night were not good. He organized the team to assemble the luminaires before dawn. Sanchi said that poor lighting conditions can lead to safety accidents. He does not want his team occurred unfortunate accidents, and he does not want any of his colleagues in the team to be in danger.



Sanchi can speak English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu. This speciality allows him to communicate freely with employees in India, Pakistan, Nepal and other countries.

In order to better manage foreign employees, the project department needed to understand their living habits and know their thinking. Therefore, Sanchi became a bridge between the project department and foreign employees.




Every time a new technician came to the instrument and electric department, they had to go to Sanchi’s team to experience for a while. Sanchi carefully observed the temper and technical level of each person, and timely reflected the situation of each person to the leader of the instrument and electric department, to help the technicians be arranged to the appropriate position.

www.c168.co_【官方首页】-新葡京娱乐场  项目部仪电专业每次来了新员工,都要到桑吉的班里历练一番,桑吉很细心地观察着每个人的脾气和技术水平,并及时把每个人的情况反映给仪电专业负责人。仪电负责人会根据桑吉反映的情况,把人员安排到合适的位置上。


At present, the instrument and electric department has 10 operation teams. The management of labor, materials and machinery was a very complicated task, so Sanchi had become the first choice to assist the project department in this work. He was busy to help the operation teams coordinate the trivial problems in the machine and construction process every day. On the construction site, Sanchi was often seen walking between various operation teams to offer support.

www.c168.co_【官方首页】-新葡京娱乐场  目前,十建公司科威特GC-32项目仪电专业有十个作业团队,人员多,结构复杂,人材机的管理是一件比较麻烦的事,桑吉就成了协助项目部做好此项工作的首选。www.c168.co_【官方首页】-新葡京娱乐场他每天忙着帮作业团队协调机具及施工过程中的琐碎问题。工地上常看见桑吉游走于各个施工团队之间,义务为他们服务的身影。


Sanchi is positive toward his work. He often brings the drawings back to the dormitory and used the evening time to study it carefully. Seeing that the technicians are too busy, Sanchi offers to be a substitute. At the Spring Festival this year, only Hou Zhihui was left alone in the department. He was swamped with organizing construction and making plan. So, he handed over the task of doing the construction plan to Sanchi, and Sanchi considered it thoughtfully, and every construction detail in the plan was made accurate and detailed.



The managers and foreign employees of the company lived in two different camps. Frequently, all kinds of life and work notifications such as training and admission need to be transmitted to foreign employees. Whenever this happens, the project department only sent the message to Sanchi, and all the work was done. Everyone would be relieved when hear or see the word “Alright” from Sanchi.

www.c168.co_【官方首页】-新葡京娱乐场  十建公司的管理人员和外籍员工住在两个不同的营区,经常有培训、入场等各类生活工作的通知需要及时传达给外籍员工,项目部只要把信息发给桑吉,一切工作就结束了,每次听到或看到“好的”俩字儿,大家就很放心。


There was a Nepalese employee who was covered with blisters on the second day of the project. Because he had just arrived in Kuwait, he still had no income, and he did not bring much money. He had no money to see a doctor and was in a tight corner. Sanchi immediately advised the head of the team to appeal to everyone to donate money. In the end, he solved the matter of extreme urgency for the new foreign friend.

www.c168.co_【官方首页】-新葡京娱乐场  有一位尼泊尔籍员工,刚到项目的第二天就浑身起了水泡,因为刚到科威特,还没有收入,自己带的钱也不多,无钱看病,陷入窘境。桑吉立即找到这位员工所属班组的班长,建议他号召大家捐款,为这位刚来的外籍兄弟解了燃眉之急。


As the project proceeds, the employees of the department have increased to 135 from 13. Whoever is in trouble, they like to find Sanchi for help. He is also more and more like a competent gold butler.

  现在,十建公司科威特GC-32项目仪电专业的施工已逐渐展开,桑吉的工作面从13人增加到了135人,大家头头脑脑的琐事都爱找他,桑吉也越来越像一个称职的金牌管家了。(文/侯志辉 赵慧君 翻译/戴领)




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